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General videos, drills and tips offered for off-season individual and/or small group play and training.  Most links have further links to similar skills, tips and drills available.

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*** Note: Some linked videos are Youtube-based and may have offensive language in the comments section.  Please monitor and use with discretion***

Videos and textual tips for beginner and advance players:
Multiple links to skills/tips/drills and videos from US Lacrosse:

Multiple videos of tips and drills found under Lacrosse Drills link:

Skills-based tips and videos:

Multiple Positional and Skills Tips in text and audio formats:

US Lacrosse Offseason Drills:


Face Off Drills:
Attackmen Tips and Drills:

Dodging Drills:   (multiple additional dodging videos available on right)
Shooting Drills:
Defense Drills and tips:'s-Lacrosse-Defense

Goalie Tips and Drills:

Notre Dame Lacrosse University Series:     (multiple videos focused on team and individual drills/tips)